Pre-Solution Application

The client, a distributor in the telecommunication industry, was becoming frustrated with their current void-fill.  The kraft paper was being compressed during shipment resulting in space inside the box.  They required a system that would provide effective void-fill, reduce their shipping cost, and offer warehouse space savings.

The R.V. Evans’ Value Added Solution

After performing a Site Needs Analysis and a thorough review of the applications, an R.V. Evans Packaging Solution Specialist determined the appropriate value-added solution.  The recommendation: The AirPouch® Express 3 and EZ-Tear Pillows.


Key Benefits of AirPouch® Express 3  and AirPouch® EZ-Tear Pillows

  • Durable and puncture resistant pillows inflate on demand, saving valuable warehouse space
  • EZ-tear perforations improve efficiency with pillows that are easily separated for optimum size and speed
  • Dust-free pillow reduce product loss and are cleaner to use than EPS peanuts and paper
  • AirPouch pillow yield a significant cost saving compared to other types of void-fill, such as peanut, foam or paper
  • Tabletop system produces air pillows at speed over 55 feet per minute
  • The all-electric design does not require compressed air to operate
  • AirPouch pillow are infinitely recyclable, and come in EarthAware biodegradable and recycled blends
  • AirPouch pillow can be printed with your logo, design or custom graphics to increase brand awareness

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Measurable Savings Realized


With the implementation of the AirPouch Express 3 and EZ-Tear Pillows, our client will experience a 35% cost savings and will reduce their material usage by 32%.  As a result, this will save them valuable warehouse space, prevent shipping damages, and minimize product losses and returns.

If you’re interested in learning more about the AirPouch Express 3 System or our other Protective Packaging Solutions, please contact us to schedule your Site Needs Analysis with one of our Packaging Solutions Specialists.  To learn more about all of our Packaging and Fastening Solutions, visit us online at