TBH I’m SMH with all the acronyms that pop up everywhere.  LOL  Translation: To be honest I’m shaking my head with all the acronyms that pop up everywhere.  Laugh out loud.  The other day I caught my teenager rolling her eyes at me when I told my husband, “BRB!” Translation: Be right back!  She quickly rebuked me, “Mom, not cool.  You’re not supposed to say those out loud.  Only use them in texts!”  Maybe I should have dropped a few of these corrugated carton acronyms on her: RSC, FPF or FOL. Okay, perhaps not.  If I had, there’s a chance her eyes would’ve rolled into the back of her head and stayed there. LOL

In part 2 of our All Boxed Up series, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the different types of corrugated cartons. Don’t let all of these acronyms fool you.  It’s not really as complicated as they look or sound.  Each carton has its own unique offering and choosing the right carton for shipping your product is essential.



See, that wasn’t so bad.  Make sure you check back tomorrow for Part 3 of All Boxed Up: Flute Box Hero.