An Efficient Packaging Alternative for bagging

Do you want to see a timely return on investment (ROI), faster production rates, and lowered labor costs in your packaging process? We assisted a customer in meeting these packaging process objectives by recommending the Kallfass Universa 500 side sealing equipment. Our customer found that their production rates were accelerating, labor costs were lowered, and they achieved an ROI in less than a year with the help of a Kallfass Fully-Automatic Side Sealer.

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Read about the ROI, lower labor c osts, and faster production rates that you can also experience!

A Mighty Machine

Kallfass side-sealers are made for fully-automatic and semi-automatic case sealing. The Servo Packer 500 T offers tight, but attractive packing, a user-friendly interface, and flexibility to fit your line.






Achieve Higher Performance with Lower Cost

Our customer realized an ROI on their Kallfass machine in just under a year due to a reduced spend on materials and labor. With the optimized combination of equipment and materials, our customer was able to keep their valued employees meeting daily production goals efficiently. Specifically, they were able to increase production throughput by 28% and provide an overall year over year packaging materials cost savings.

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The R.V. Evans' Service Partner Program is our way of enhancing our customer's investment experience and optimizing their packaging and/or fastening system performance far beyond the point of purchase. We offer services such as preventative maintenance, equipment and tool repair, parts discounts, and more.

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