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This month we have been spotlighting the advantages of integrating an A&D Checkweigher into your end-of-line process. To show first-hand how our customers have seen an increase in their quality control and saved thousands, we want to tell you about actual results. One of our customers experienced a decrease in quality control labor, an increase in the quality of their products, and a savings of $60,000 in misprints.

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Take a look at how we helped our customer save $60,000 in misprints through improved quality control

The Problem

Our customer was printing manuals where a tool would be included, and the two would be shrink-wrapped together. After they wrapped the two items together, the manual would be sent to their quality control, ran by 4 of their employees. Even with 4 employees, their quality control would not catch the manuals that had missing inserts or pages from them. This resulted in poor quality products being shipped out to customers, a 15% return of bad products, and $60,000 loss in misprints.


841a6795-b04a-4d6d-a1c4-987c80acbd8dThe Solution

Due to its measurement precision to 1g, our customer integrated a 6kg checkweigher into their production line because it could measure down to the single page of their manuals. With this machine, they were able to ensure that all products being sent out were the highest quality. Replacing their quality control line with a checkweigher decreased their number of misprints and return of products, and it helped them save money.




The Results

After our customer added a checkweigher to their end-of-line process, they were able to reallocate labor, ship higher quality products, and prevent money loss on misprints. With their previous quality control process, there were 4 employees checking the manuals. When they added the checkweigher, they did not need any employees doing quality control, which allowed them to move that labor to a different area. Since they added automation, they had an increased ability to weed out the bad products. The 15% return of products that they were experiencing was not a problem anymore because the checkweigher would push out all of the products that had missing inserts or pages. The automated quality control also helped them prevent money loss, like their previous loss of $60,000 from misprints. After inserting a checkweigher into their process, our customer saw an overall increase in quality of the products that were being sent out to customers, as well as a decrease in product return.

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