Part one of the Automated Packaging Systems – Poly Bagging Solutions 4 part series helped you decide if an automated packaging system was right for your company. This blog post will give you a brief overview of the  Autobag PaceSetter PS 125 and PS 125 OneStep, Autobag AB 180, the new Autobag 850S, Autobag AB 255, and the automated SPrint SidePouch.

The Autobag PaceSetter PS 125 is a tabletop automated bagging system. This system works great for companies with low to mid volume production. The system uses Polybags perfed on rolls that are automatically indexed. The bags are loaded by hand, then the machine seals them using the Push-to-Seal™ automated sealer function. It has the capacity to seal up to 25 bags a minute. The AutoBag PS 125 is 22” x 19” and weighs only 82 Lbs. The Autobag PaceSetter PS 125 works well in the hardware and fastening industry, but is used in many others as well. In addition to the PS 125, the PS 125 OneStep has the same attributes as the PS 125 with the addition of a built-in PI 412 imprinter. This uses next-bag-out technology that can print graphics, text, and barcodes – perfect for the fulfillment and e-commerce industry.

The Autobag AB 180 when paired with one of their infeed systems automatically fills and
seals bags by using the Autobag pre-opened bag-on-a-roll. The bags can be changed in less than 2 minutes, and can fill up to 80 bags per minute.  This machine weighs 270 Lbs. with dimensions of 34” x 43”. This system is great for companies with a mid to high production volume, and works well for the automotive and electrical industries along with others.

The new Autobag 850S bagger was designed with the mail order fulfillment industry specifically in mind. The new technology has the machine hold bags open and firmly in place, creating a square opening of up to 11” x 11”. This system has the capability to hold bags up to 22” wide, and uses next-bag-out printing that puts labels on the next bag in line to keep accuracy and efficiency high by eliminating the need for applying labels. The Autobag 850S is 72” x 35” and weighs 590 Lbs.

The SPrint SidePouch is a large bagging system capable of suiting companies using hand-loading or fully-automatic bagging processes. Filling and sealing up to 120 bags per minute, this system is  great for high production volumes. This machine is compatible with many different SidePouch bags that range from reclosable zippers to easy open perforations. The SPrint SidePouch requires minimum training and maintenance. Weighing 400 Lbs. and measuring 32” x 168”, this machine works well with the food industry as well as the pet product industry and many others.

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