Your brand is one of the most essential parts of your business. It is a constant reminder to your customers that your company offers the best solutions, at the best time, in the best way possible. So how do you consistently prove your commitment to quality while keeping your company and your brand at the forefront of your customers mind?

This is where your logo comes in. Your company’s logo is the center of your brand. Think about Coca-Cola or Nike. These logos are definitive parts of incredible branding, and the reason customers will pay extra money for a comparable soda or running jacket. This type of mentality works for not only B2C companies, but the B2B industry as well.
But why does this work? In the same way a certain sight or smell can make you remember a certain time in your life, a brand’s logo can make a customer think of something. For Nike, that something is comfort and durability. A consumer’s brain will actually shift it’s thinking and be more attracted to a certain product just from seeing that little swoosh on the front of it.
So, you have an awesome brand and a killer logo. Now you need to put it out there for your customers to see so they can start making these positive associations with your business. One of the simplest ways to do this is to put your brand on all of your product packaging. This way every quality item that you deliver to your customers will remind them of the great solutions you provide. You want your customers to have maximum exposure to your brand, so this logo placement doesn’t stop at the box your product comes in. There are a number of solutions that can ensure that your logo is involved in every step of the packaging process.
R.V. Evans’ partners will put your logo on almost every essential packaging item your company uses. Some of these items include:

  • Custom Printed Pressure Sensitive & Water Activated Tape for carton closure
  • Custom Printed Corner Board and Edge Protectors for greater load stability
  • Custom Printed Protective Packaging such as Air Bags, Foam-in-Place, and Dunnage Pads to protect and secure your valuable products throughout the packaging and shipping process 
  • Custom Printed Bags & Pouches used with Automated Packaging Systems to automate your packaging process 
  • Custom Printed Films in a variety of film types and sizes
  • Custom Printed Blister & Clamshell Cards and Inserts perfect for retail packaging and display 
  • Custom Printed Cohesive Packaging ideal for packaging products that require cushioning and rigidity…unique protection with easy opening
  • Custom Marking, Coding, and Labeling solutions to apply custom print to any substrate and product 

These solutions don’t just get your logo in more places, they also have the quality and durability to make sure your product gets delivered safe and sound. The combination of logo exposure and excellent packaging methods will ensure that your company will always be associated with positivity and quality.


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