Combat Corrosion with the Best VCI Protection Available!

Provide the best corrosion prevention for your goods with our BioVCI film from MetPro. The combination of safety and leading protection provides you with the top film for corrosion protection performance. If your goods have to be packed, conveniently pack them in our best VCI.

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Safer Than Ever

001cb79d-86d4-40b3-b80d-e37ceba27361MetPro BioTect film is safer than it has ever been before - for your goods and more industries. With production using only natural ingredients, leaving out the amine and nitrite, it can now be used in additional industries, such as occupational health and the food industry. BioVCI is recyclable as well as puncture and temperature resistant over short and long periods to ensure that your goods are getting the most reliable corrosion protection. 

Longevity with Reliability

6ead795e-2a9f-436e-b2b4-007bfd80f167BioVCI offers up to 15 years of corrosion protection in storage due to the increased reliability. The thick, versatile, and transparent film gives the sealing strength on all goods. With our best VCI film, you won't have to worry about the longevity or quality of your goods.



We can help you evaluate if your current VCI film is preventing corrosion.
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