Pre-Solution Application

This Food & Beverage industry customer was using print and apply label applicators prior to installing the Foxjet System. They were experiencing maintenance issues with the applicators that caused production delays along with high label and ribbon costs.

Application Specs:

  • 2 shifts, 5 days per week
  • 3 production lines printing alpha numeric/barcode, conveyor up to 200 FPM

Message Content:

  • 2 lines of print and a GTIN-15 barcode

The R.V. Evans’ Value Added Solution

After performing a Site Needs Analysis and thorough review of the application, R.V. Evans’ team of sales and service specialists determined the appropriate value added solution. The recommendation: Replace the existing print and apply label applicator with a Foxjet high resolution inkjet printing system with the ProSeries 768 Printhead and Marksman Elite Controller.

Key Benefits of the Foxjet ProSeries High Resolution Inkjet System Solution

ProSeries 768 Printhead:

  • Prints barcodes, logos, graphics, and text
  • Stainless Steel ink path
  • Automatic Priming System

Marksman Elite Controller:

  • Industry Leading 17″ touchscreen with built in on-screen keyboard
  • Solid State Industrial Hard Drive
  • Controls up to 4 printheads on 2 production lines

Measurable Savings Realized

Foxjet’s ProSeries 768 printheads allows the flexibility needed for this customer’s production line that has conveyor speeds up to 200 FPM and requires a 4″ print area. The Foxjet system had a payback for the customer in 8.3 months!

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