Stretch film is there for the safety of products. That much is obvious. However, without the best stretch film available, your company can be losing money and actually decreasing your product’s safety.

Luckily, there are three tests that an R.V. Evans specialist can perform to help insure that your business is using the absolute best stretch film to save money and protect your products.

  1. Stretch Test – This test checks how far a film can stretch on a skid. A mark is applied to the film every 10 inches, and then the film is wrapped around a skid. The new distance between the marks is then measured. You usually want these new measurements to be somewhere between 200% and 300% of the original 10 inches (somewhere between 20 and 30 inches). This means your film can stretch 2 to 3 times its original size. The more the film stretches, the less you have to use per skid, and the more money you save.
  2. Force to Load Test – Force to Load is how much pressure it takes to loosen film from the skid. For this test, a small hole is cut in the film, a plate is put under that hole and a fish hook is connected, and pulled against the film. How much pressure needs to be applied to pull the film from the skid determines how tight the film is wrapped. The tighter the film, the more secure the product.
  3. Cut & Weight Test – This is the simplest test, but one of the most important. After wrapping a skid, the film is simply cut off, balled up, and put on a scale. Less weight means less stretch film, and more money saved.

These tests are all essential to making sure that your company is using the safest and most cost effective solution to help move large amounts of product out of your warehouse. Having the least amount of film that will stretch the farthest while holding the product the tightest is important to your products safety and your company’s wallet equally. Depending on how many wrapped skids your company sends out, you can save thousands of dollars every year just by upgrading your stretch film. R.V. Evans has experts that can come straight in to your facility and apply these tests, helping find the best solution for your team.