Pre-Solution Application

The client, a member of the e-commerce fulfillment industry, was previously using a paper dunnage form of protective packaging and void fill in their packaging and shipping process.

The R.V. Evans’ Value Added Solution

After performing a Site Needs Analysis and thorough review of the application, an R.V. Evans’ Packaging Specialist determined the appropriate value added solution.  The recommendation: Storopack AIRplus airbags with integrated EZ feed packaging station.

Key Benefits of the Storopack AIRplus Airbags

  • AIRplus films combine reliable protection and multiple uses with cost-saving features and sustainability for the ideal in-the-box packaging solution.
  • Their lightweight properties lower shipping costs
  • Create inflatable packaging materials on demand resulting in minimal use of storage space and handling
  • Provides consistent and controlled protective packaging
  • Low labor requirements – ease of use in production
  • Clean, dust-free characteristics
  • Minimal or no capitol expenditure for equipment with material commitment
  • Variety of film configurations for various packaging needs:Cushion – absorbs shock and protects products
  • Void-fill – fills empty space and keeps products from rattling in the box
  • Block & Brace – holds heavy items or singe objects in place inside the box
  • Wrap – covers product surfaces to avoid contact damage and provides optimal protection against scuffing and scratching
  • Additional protective packaging solutions & benefits can be found at

Measurable Savings Realized

The Storopack AIRplus solution has enabled the client to experience a number of improvements including less abrasion, as well as increased yields and reduced shipping costs.  The integrated EZ feed packing station has reduced the overall footprint of their packaging area and reduced labor through minimized product handling requirements.

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