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This month, we have highlighted the improvements that case formers can provide to our customers. To show the true benefits of a case former, specifically the BEL 505, we want to show you how a recent customer saw results of increased production, a safer work environment, and saved floor space. Below, we explain the customer’s initial problem, our solution, and the benefits that they saw after their purchase.

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See how you could gain a 40% increase in output like this customer!



Our customer was manually forming boxes to package their final products before making the switch to an automatic case former. This required multiple steps for one employee, which was taking up much more time than necessary. The throughput of manually forming boxes equated to only 9 boxes per minute. While their production levels were low, their safety precautions were as well. With the repetition of motion, manually forming boxes was a potential health concern for employees. Additionally, much of their inventory space was being used from building up their inventory and pre-forming boxes. After switching to a semi-automatic case former, the customer saw positive results that solved their problems.


60d1f586-934b-4722-98bc-a6a38b4a2944-e1561740230288 (1)With the integration of the Semi-Automatic BEL 505 Case Former / Case Erector, our customer saw an increase in production, safety, and inventory space. The results stemmed from the easy process of one employee inserting the material into the machine and having a case formed in one swift motion. 







Once our customer automated their case forming process, they began to see results that increased the safety of their employees, their output of boxes, and their inventory storage space. The throughput of boxes increased by 40% and they were able to produce 15 boxes a minute instead of only 9 boxes. Each employee that was manually forming boxes was at risk for safety or health problems, such as carpal tunnel, by the repetition of forming each case manually. With the addition of a semi-automatic case former, their safety worries were no longer an issue. Their problem of wasted space was also resolved because they did not have to build up inventory anymore with the help of a fast, automated case former. Overall, our customer was able to improve their volume of boxes produced, save more inventory space, and decrease the worry of safety issues with the addition of a case former.

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