High-quality coding can be simple!

With a laser coding system designed for high speed and high quality, your coding process can be increasingly productive and simple! Our SquidInk SQ-50F Fiber Laser Coding System permanently marks onto a plethora of surfaces such as ceramics, plastics, composite material, and more. The application versatility, reliability, low cost of ownership, and simplicity of our laser coding system makes for a precise and high quality coding process while keeping prime production.

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Make Your Mark

The SQ-50 F provides application versatility with the ability to permanently code text, times & dates, bar codes, serial numbers, and more. Simplicity is built throughout this machine with quick and easy installation for stationary and moving parts - along with an intuitive system for simple run procedures.

Versatility does not mean sacrificing high quality coding. This machine encompasses scribing technology that enables a mix of characters and multiple lines to fit a variety of different applications!


The Right Solution

Not only does the SQ-50F provide high-quality and versatile coding, but it also allows for lower economical costs. With our laser coding system there is no need to purchase ink/consumables, creating a lower cost of ownership. In addition, our system is eco-friendly and creates higher safety awareness on the production floor with integrated controls.

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