Are you spending more time packaging your product than you are producing it?
Packaging your product is just as important as creating it. But, you should not be spending more time packaging it than you are producing it. You have the ability to maximize your case forming and case erecting line with higher production rates and less manual labor. With the swift motion of a semi-automatic or fully automatic case former, your productivity can increase while having the option to relocate labor to a different area. Your packaging can still be a top priority in your product, only in less time with a semi-automatic or fully automatic case former.  

Find out which case former can make your packaging easier but remain a top priority.

BEL 505 

Adding a semi-automatic case former to your packaging line is an easy way to increase productivity. With just one operator, the BEL 505 can form and seal up to 15 boxes per minute. Combine it with a BEL case sealer and, you can form, pack, and seal a box in one motion. With the ability to handle a wide variety of box sizes the BEL 505 is ready for any type of packaging line. This entry-level machine is sure to increase your packaging output and allow you to reallocate labor to more essential duties. 

a895cb4e-c8bc-449f-a466-f8b2c55e177e-e1561740337186WEXXAR WF20

Looking for the highest quality output and maximum uptime? The Wexxar WF20 fully automatic case former and case erector is here to help. Equipped with Wexxar’s Pin & Dome system, boxes run hands-free to produce up to 20 cases per minute. This hands-free case former can be integrated directly into your packaging line to allow for full automation. Reform your case forming line with a hands-free machine that can provide the most efficient speeds with almost no labor assistance.

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