Is your print & apply labeling process saving you money & time?


Achieve a more efficient and reliable labeling process by integrating the FoxJet LS7100 into your line! The all-electric print & apply labeling machine features servo-controlled label dispensing technology, flexible orientation to label various locations on your cases or pallets, and does not require shop air. With the enhanced capabilities of the all-electric LS7100, you can experience high reliability, cost savings, and low maintenance with high efficiency.


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Top-Notch Technology

The LS7100 is made for high-speed print & apply labeling. Being all-electric, this machine has various sensors to provide real time feedback and notify you of missing labels. Along with the electric capabilities, the LS7100 has a 7" intuitive color touchscreen and gives you the option of remote access. With the built-in capabilities, the machine is guaranteed to give you a reliable and accurately placed label each time.





Maximize Your Time

With the accuracy and reliability of the LS7100, you are sure to experience cost savings and higher efficiency, while keeping maintenance low. When you integrate into your line, it gives the opportunity to reallocate labor to another part of your packaging process. The all-electric labeler also ensures an accurate label each time,  which decreases waste of materials and improves efficiency.

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