Achieve a Higher Performance with Novo-Dry!

Do you want to achieve higher performance and decrease your material use? Novo-Dry delivers higher performance through its new, patented design over desiccants that are on the current market. Through the new design, you can experience desiccants that are recyclable, safer, effective in different environments, and more preventative of corroding your products.

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Read about the eco-friendly performance features you could be experiencing with Novo-Dry!


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Novo-Dry has changed how desiccants are made, which enable less material and greater capacity. Those on the market now are made from grains or pellets encased in packets. Instead of the costly process of insertion, Novo-Dry is dispersed on a molecular level into a paperboard form. Therefore, it has the ability to absorb at least 2 times the humidity of silica gel.




8c3a4604-2cf2-47af-a393-ce107339baf7Achieve Better Performance
The new creation process of Novo-Dry desiccants allow many new performance features. Made from recycled paper and the ability to be recycled at curbside, you have more confidence in your desiccants being eco-friendly.

Traditional silica packets have the possibility of bursting open, which can cause spills or safety hazards to the product. With the molecular paperboard form, the new material can withstand changing temperatures, including humidity to prevent rust, corrosion, and mildew. The product's impressive performance and design features allow Novo-Dry to fit a wide range of products, including your produce, furniture, apparel, and more.

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