Pre-Solution Application

The client, a distribution center for over 50 retail store locations, was previously manually applying hand grade stretch film to unitize their outgoing pallets of merchandise.  This method was time consuming, labor intensive, and provided inconsistent load containment.

The R.V. Evans’ Value Added Solution

After performing a Site Needs Analysis and thorough review of the application, an R.V. Evans’ Packaging Sales Specialist determined the appropriate value added solution.  The recommendation:  (2) Orion Flex™ Series RTA Deluxe Tandem Automatic Rotary Tower stretch wrappers with gantry frame fencing option and alarm package.  In addition, the client will utilize their previous & current method of material handling of the pallets: electric walkies and electric double pallet jacks with extended forks to carry (2) pallets at a time.

Key Benefits of the Orion Flex™ Series RTA Stretch Wrapping Solution

  • Secure up to 40 – 50 loads per hour (based on 80” tall load, 12 revolutions)
  • Runs 20” standard and 30” optional width stretch film with a standard prestretch ratio of 260% = (increased yields!)
  • Ultra low wrap to within 1.5” off floor
  • Automatic load height sensing photo eye and film force-to-load control
  • Second leg gantry style frame and zone protection fencing with photo eyes for enhanced wrap zone protection and/or high speed applications
  • Alarm package: audible/visual warning and light/horn to indicate start cycle
  • Boost end-of-line packaging efficiency – RTA automatically attaches the film tail to the load, then cuts and secures the film tail at the end of the cycle.  Operators pull a hanging lanyard to start the cycle and perform other duties while the pallet loads are securely wrapped for shipment.
  • Proudly made in the USA.  4 year warranty on all major components, 5 year warranty on structural frame, lifetime on InstaThread stretch rollers

Measurable Savings Realized

This stretch wrapping  solution has enabled the client to experience a number of improvements including increased throughput with the dual wrapper wrapping (2) pallets in tandem, reduced labor, improved load containment, as well as increased yields with the use of machine grade stretch film at a 260% prestretch ratio.  In addition, the automated solution vastly reduces the chance of injury associated with hand wrapping and increases the level of operator safety with the addition of the gantry frame fencing option and alarm package.

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