Stretch film costs are rising and companies are struggling find ways to cost-effectively wrap their loads. Certainly, wrapping and protecting your loads is still necessary. So how can you reduce your costs when stretch film just keeps getting more expensive? The answer: down-gauging!

What is down-gauging?

Down-gauging is the process in which a stretch film is replaced with a lower gauge (thickness) stretch film. This provides users with the ability to use less stretch film (by weight) to wrap a typical pallet of goods. Sound simple enough? Not so fast. There are some things to consider before deciding to down-gauge. Just follow the five steps!

5 Steps to Stretch Film Savings

Step 1: Define your current costs

  • How many loads do you currently wrap per shift, day, year, etc.?
  • How much film is applied to each load?
  • How many rolls do you buy per year?
  • How much does a roll weigh?
  • How much does this all cost? (Consider your current price per roll, ordering and holding costs, etc)

Step 2: Consider the load itself

  • What exactly are you wrapping?
  • Is it an A, B, or C load?
  • What’s the current wrap pattern like? Why?

Step 3: Contact the R.V. Evans team!

  • There are several ways you can do this! Whichever works best for you.

Step 4: Calculate your projected savings

  • The R.V. Evans team does this for you with our down-gauging ROI calculator!
  • Enjoy a crisp, clear side-by-side analysis



Step 5: Save money

  • Make the decision to save money on stretch film! 

Does this seem overwhelming? NO NEED TO WORRY! R.V. Evans is always here for you. You know your business; we know stretch film. We can help you answer all of these questions and help you save money. You can absolutely skip straight to Step 3 and contact us for help :).

Additional Ways to Reduce Stretch Film Costs

Additionally, when it’s time to replace, add, or upgrade stretch wrapping machines, consider working with the R.V. Evans team to boost savings even higher. Read this article for an overview of what to consider when selecting a new stretch wrapper that best fits your needs. Again, just see Step 3 and contact us!

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