There are 2 main styles of labeling adjacent carton panels, and each has their advantages and disadvantages. Wrap-Around Side Apply (WASA) and Front Apply Side Apply (FASA) labeling are the two main ways to meet this requirement.

Wrap-around is just as it sounds. One long wrap-around label (i.e. 4” x 13”) is typically applied by starting on the front panel and wrapping around to the side of the package. It can also be started on a side panel and wrapped to the rear. The wrap-around label guarantees that the serial numbers would be the same on both panels, but it does waste a portion of label (typically an inch) for the corner. It would also be helpful when the two panels need to be different because the one long label can be designed to meet both panel requirements.

FASA labels use a standard label (i.e. 6” x 4”) and apply two separate labels to the box. FASA offers a higher case per minute rate compared to wrap-around labeling since applier does not need to maintain contact with the case through the applying process. This method does not waste label space, and uses less material because it is two separate labels. Greater care does need to be taken when serialization is involved to make sure the label “set” is applied to the same case.

The pricing for both of these labeling methods is based on volume – the more you need the cheaper the price. However, a rough estimate puts wrap around labels at about $26.00 for 1,000 labels and the FASA labels at about $14.50 for 1,000 labels. These labels would also go on applicators and they would be on a 13” outside diameter roll versus a typical 8” outside diameter roll.

Figuring out which type of label would work best for your business can be tricky, but the professionals at R.V. Evans Company can help you find a solution. If you are looking for some assistance with choosing the right labeling method contact R.V. Evans Company for your very own site needs analysis and labeling recommendation or visit us at

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