Cap Nailing and Stapling is a necessary part of any construction project. Some applications of this method of fastening include:

  • Felt
  • House Wrap
  • Thin Foam
  • Construction Fabrics
  • Foam Insulation
  • Sheathing
  • Insulation Board

Using a standard nailer or stapling gun for these applications can prove to be inadequate and lead to a lot of re-work, which is why cap nailers and staplers are completely essential to every construction job. The cost of labor hours and ergonomic issues brought about by not having a cap nailer or stapler on site is too much to handle. Speed, adjustments for any fastening situation, and control of staple depth are just a few of the many advantages to using cap nailers and staplers. Not to mention the cap covers more surface area ensuring the construction material being use is held in place and secure.

Contractors won’t have issues with pull through and finding their house wrap blowing in the wind along with the money spent to fasten the material again. Paslode’s cap stapler and Bostitch’s cap nailer and stapler have their own specific advantages that can help keep your job site running faster and more productively.


Paslode has designed their CS150 Cap Stapler with useful features such as:

  • Quick clear nose – Jams won’t hold back productivity – get it fixed and get back to the job
  • Precision control of nail/staple depth – Ensure the nail or staple isn’t driven too shallow or too deep
  • Adjustable exhaust cap – Keep exhaust out of users eyes
  • Option to remove cap – Use the tool to drive fasteners with or without the cap on top


Bostitch has the N66BC Cap Nailer, which boasts these features:

  • “Dial-a-Depth” adjustment – Set desired depth quickly and conveniently
  • Lightweight – Magnesium design adds durability
  • Quick-load magazine – Fast and easy loading of caps and nails
  • Adjustable exhaust – Keep exhaust away from user
  • Length – Cap nails are longer than staples

bostitch-sl1838bc_mid_res (1)

Bostitch also has the SL1838BC 18 Gauge Cap Stapler, which has the following features:

  • Selectable trigger operation – Convert from sequential to contact operation easily
  • Internal air filter – Maximum reliability
  • Adjustable depth of drive – Staples can be set to desired depth quickly and conveniently

All three of these tools can be used to increase the success and productivity of any construction job. Visit our website to learn more, contact us, or schedule a site needs analysis to start improving your work today.

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