We all know the feeling that comes with the experience of something not working. It doesn’t matter what it is, your phone dies, your laptop quits working, or your air conditioner doesn’t blow out  cold air anymore. These are all inconveniences that can cause not only frustration, but money. The same thing can come from a piece of equipment in your packaging process not working correctly.

Having a preventative maintenance program is an important piece for facility management. Having machines routinely checked and maintained can improve performance and the safety of the equipment. On top of that, ensuring that a machine is running how it is supposed to can improve the lifetime of the equipment. Implementing a preventative maintenance plan can avoid unplanned maintenance activity that would otherwise occur through system failure or unexpected troubles. Having to make a service call to receive system maintenance can be costly and also causes downtime for the machine, resulting in lost profits from loss of production.

The decision on whether or not to implement a preventative maintenance program is often debated through a cost benefit analysis – is the cost of having a preventative maintenance program worth the benefits that we will receive from it. Preventative maintenance programs can often be more expensive when using in-house human resources due to the extensive training involved on new pieces of machinery. In this case, outsourcing your preventative maintenance program can save money.
Implementing a preventative maintenance program far outweighs the cost of one through the following steps:

  • Decreased downtime for equipment.
  • Longer lifetime of equipment.
  • Less expensive for routine maintenance as opposed to emergency or off hours maintenance.
  • Improves the functionality and safety of the equipment, resulting in improved safety for operators and employees.

To learn more about implementing a preventative maintenance program at your facility, feel free to contact us at sales@rvevans.com or visit us at www.rvevans.com or call us at 1-800-252-5894

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