Your shipment is about to go out, and there’s a sudden snap. One of the metal straps holding your product together and in place has broken. One of your workers sighs and goes over to replace it. As he’s removing the strap, he grabs the edge the wrong way and it cuts him. He’s bleeding, and needs medical attention. After getting him to the proper care facility, a small group of individuals gets the broken strap off and the new strap on by hand, taking up an hour of wasted time and unfortunately injuring a worker. Just as they finish fixing the strap, the forklift operator comes over to stack the product and – drops the pallet. Now the replacement strap has broken. There goes another hour.

What a headache.

It may seem like an exaggeration, but this disaster is more common than you would think when using metal straps on skids and shipments of any kind. The use of plastic straps over steel will eliminate the risk of being cut, keeping your workers and your sites safe. As opposed to steel straps, plastic straps have the following benefits:

  1. Safety
    • No cuts, no lost time due to injury
  2. Coil Weight
    • Weighs significantly less (only 55lbs!)
  3. Cost
    • Costs less per foot than steel
  4. No more seals
    • Saves money, less inventory
  5. More feet per coil
    • 2.5 times more footage, fewer coil changes, less downtime
  6. No corrosion
    • Won’t mar product, won’t leave residue
  7. Tension
    • Better load containment and elongation recovery
  8. No edge protection needed
    • Saves money, reduces inventory
  9. Made from recycled material
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  10. Better Tooling
    • Signode

These easy-to-use tools save time, money, and of course, keep your employees safe. Signode tools apply friction to the strap to weld the strap ends together, rather than using seals. This way, there are no cuts, no wasted man hours, and no re-applying straps when the skids inevitably fall or the wood expands naturally.  All of this means your workers are no longer getting injured, are using recycled material, and are saving time by not using seals, and instead using convenient battery powered tools to strap products.  Don’t be left with a foreman’s worst nightmare. Save money and keep your employees safe. Head over to contact us, or schedule a site needs analysis to make sure you’re utilizing the best ergonomic tools for your job site.

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