When it comes to shipping and storage of bulk materials, Gaylord boxes are a commonly used product.  A Gaylord box is a triple-wall corrugated pallet box.  Before filling, Gaylord boxes are typically fastened to a pallet, for easier shipping and storage.  These are large boxes and this makes stapling them to the pallet a difficult task, but not anymore.  The walking stick makes this task much easier and ergonomically friendly.  The walking stick is specifically designed to seal oversized folding boxes and fastening them to pallets.  This tool is lightweight and is easy to place.  Its long handle makes it comfortable to use all day long.  There are different models to accommodate every brand of wide crown stapler including the Bostitch 438S2-1-WS and the 450S2-1-WS.  Ergonomic benefits include:

  • No getting into the box
  • No uncomfortable angles
  • No bending over
  • No stress on lower back

The walking stick can benefit a number of different industries in the manufacturing and distribution sector including:

  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Paper and Allied Products
  • Rubber and Plastic Products
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Food Processing Companies
  • Agricultural

As you can see the walking stick can benefit a number of different companies, not only by being more efficient than using a normal hand stapler, but also much more safe because there is less bending and no awkward angles to work with.

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