Collated Screw Systems

To ensure durability, depth, and security, collated screw systems are essential for a wide variety of applications. These systems are fast and accurate, meaning you’re getting your job done quickly and correctly every time. Today, we’ll look at some of the most popular applications for these revolutionary tools.


Building crates for shipment is a delicate process, and if even one detail gets overlooked, the shipment could be in danger of getting damaged. Most collated screw systems have adjustable depth settings to ensure there won’t be any wood splitting on your crate. For added convenience, QuikDrive systems by Simpson-Strongtie also have a patented auto-advance mechanism on all of their products that saves time and increases productivity.


When constructing a deck or dock, the worst thing that can happen is having nails pop up out of the floor. This can happen over time, as a deck or dock gets older, if the wrong fasteners are used. Using a collated screw system, especially an auto-feed one, can eliminate this issue. DuraSpin systems, by Senco, have attachments that can be adjusted for different types of materials, so they can make your job easy, no matter what materials you’re using to make your deck or dock.


Unless you’re using collated screw systems, floor squeaks are going to be an issue with any new construction project. With these systems, however, you can virtually eliminate floor squeaks without having to get down on the floor. Systems like Muro have attachable extensions so you can stand and drive, making better use of your time and eliminating aches and pains from being hunched over and awkward for most of the job. PAM systems have a fast change option for switching over to different screw sizes, meaning you’re not wasting time if you need new screws on a different part of the floor.

Different applications are going to require different screw systems, and these are just a few of the extensive list of applications for the collated screw systems offered from R.V. Evans. It’s best to test out a wide variety of screw guns or talk to an expert before making any purchases or decisions. You can find even more info on these three systems by visiting the R.V. Evans website, and you can also contact us or schedule a site needs analysis with one of our expert sales reps.