After all…Valentine’s Day is coming! (Hint Hint – Just a helpful reminder for all of the guys out there!)  And to avoid any confusion, what I mean when I say “Perfect Protective Packaging”…I am talking about Storopack Perfect Protective Packaging.

I recently received a beautiful gift basket filled with all sorts of goodies: wine, chocolate…did I mention, wine and chocolate?  As I opened the box it was shipped in, I couldn’t help but notice the way it was packaged.  I have found if you work in one place long enough, you begin to find interest in things that one wouldn’t typically…in my case it is now the way products are packaged.  A normal person would tear into the box hoisting void fill left and right until they have reached the goods.  Not me.  I was so interested in the way my gift had been packaged I had to take pictures of each layer of protection until my basket was completely unpacked and found its place on my kitchen table.  For those of you who seem to find unbridled pleasure in packaging….read on.  I have included pictures!

As I opened the shipping carton, I immediately was greeted with a Storopack PAD LOC® Pad.  This was a perfect choice to fill the gap above the curved/irregular top of the wine basket before closing the carton.  The PAD LOC® product is a ready-to use- cushioning pad that contours to the shape of any products to create instant custom packaging protection.



PAD LOC® combines film, air and loose-fill to create a cushioning pad that offers:

  • 25% savings over high-density foam
  • 50% savings over die-cut urethane and other pre-formed custom packaging materials
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Fast production
  • Lower inventory cost
  • No-mar surface protection
  • Controlled use-controlled costs
  • No messy clean up!!!! (Don’t you just hate cleaning up all of those peanuts?)
  • Reusable up to 20 times

After removing the PAD LOC® pad, I got my first glimpse of my wine basket.  It was snuggled in the Storopack AIRplus® pillow bags…yet another smart choice, providing several functions in this combination of protective packaging materials.  AIRplus® offers quality machines that create versatile air-filled film packaging materials.  This particular product provides cushion for the product, fills voids, and can “block and brace” (hold heavy items or single objects in place inside the box).  This picture does a nice job illustrating effectively how the AIRplus pillows blocked  and braced my precious wine basket.



The AIRplus® Protective Packaging System is effective, low-cost, sustainable, and easy.

  • Portable and compact for easy integration into single or multiple packing stations
  • Reliable operation
  • Run all size AIRplus® square bags on any AIRplus® machine
  • Its strength and durability offer reliable protection for your products
  • Saves storage expense plus the light weight keeps your shipping costs down

P.S. Note the custom print on these AIRplus pillows…very nice touch.


I removed my wine basket from the shipping carton.  It was in perfect condition.  Nothing was dented or damaged.  The bow wrapped around the outside was even in great shape and I couldn’t help but notice the shrink wrap was even PERFECT!  Take a look for yourself.


Kudos to Wine Country Gift Baskets!  They did a fine job with their protective packaging.  My gift basket arrived in flawless condition and the contents of my basket were delicious.  I am sure they have a wonderful assortment of gift baskets that would be perfect for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day at

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