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Dairy Printing with Linx CIJ Printers

In the dairy industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes in batch printing while staying health-conscious. Linx CIJ printers can help you stay up to date with changes while keeping up with a fast moving production line and versatile environment capabilities. Adding a character inkjet printer will allow you to meet coding regulations with it’s durable and flexible coding capabilities.


August Successful Application

This month we have been spotlighting the advantages of integrating an A&D Checkweigher into your end-of-line process. To show first-hand how our customers have seen an increase in their quality control and saved thousands, we want to tell you about actual results. One of our customers experienced a decrease in quality control labor, an increase in the quality of their products, and a savings of $60,000 in misprints.


August Trending Solutions

Do you want to avoid costly fines and save more materials? Integrating an A&D checkweigher directly into your end-of the-line process adds many benefits. Each product receives a 100% inspection to avoid any fines that you could receive with order rejects. Additionally, more of your packages can be produced through product filling machine feedback on the user-friendly interface. With various features on our checkweighers, the efficiency in your process will accelerate and you are able to produce more products.


July Successful Application

This month, we have highlighted the improvements that case formers can provide to our customers. To show the true benefits of a case former, specifically the BEL 505, we want to show you how a recent customer saw results of increased production, a safer work environment, and saved floor space. Below, we explain the customer’s initial problem, our solution, and the benefits that they saw after their purchase.


Why 2013 is the Best Time to Purchase New and Used Equipment

As we approach the end of the 2013 calendar year, many companies begin looking at their current equipment situation to determine if a new or used piece of equipment is needed. Fortunately for these companies, the Section 179 Deduction for 2013 exists.


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